Ring Protect Plus is changing

Why has Ring decided to take away the current 27/7 professional monitoring from existing Ring Protect Plus customers in 2025?

When this happens the price of the Ring Protect Plus does not go down, and not only that, the only Ring professional monitoring option will cost each customer an additional $100 per year! This is just wrong…

Please explain…


It could be related that the now “old” base stations are only supported for software security updates until 2025 and they want people to use the newer base stations that have more features.

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The price was too good to be true, but probably intentional to get you to add on the alarm if you already had Ring cameras. You’re already paying $100/yr for the camera plan, why not add the alarm system for just the initial cost of the alarm hardware?

Worked for me; I just added the alarm, having had Ring cameras for a couple years now.

This is a price increase, pure and simple, with a 3-4 year grace period so that existing customers don’t immediately churn out.

The question will be – it was worth an extra $100/year. Am I getting $200 of value? I guess I have a few years to make a decision, at which point it may be worth moving on to the “next generation” of cameras and alarms, be it with Ring or someone else.


Hopefully by then there will be the next new alarm vendor that just offers basic monitoring.

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Hopefully, the whole reason why my house got Ring was because of increased crime in last 1 1/2 years, will be better law enforcement and prosecution by then and Ring (or other) won’t be needed.
I know, pipe dream.

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Just pure speculation on my part:

The 2025 date gives Ring enough runway to further differentiate the Alarm Pro plan from the grandfathered “Protect Plus (1st Gen)” plan. Ideally, there’s enough of a benefit to migrate that customers will do so themselves between now and 2025. Right now, there really isn’t unless you want to buy the new hardware. But maybe in a few years…who knows.

As we approach 2025, the remaining grandfathered customers could be motivated by new hardware that requires the Pro plan, or incentives to migrate (think cell phones, though at $10-20/month, that’s much less than an average cell phone plan, so less dollars to subsidize hardware).

By 2025, the remaining stragglers may be low-value customers that they really won’t care if they churn or, if they do care, they can always extend out the date for auto-conversion to the Pro plan (“Good news! We’re extending your 1st gen plan another year.”).

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yes, can some one from @ring please clarify?

are we going to have to start paying the new price come the next renewal- $20 a month ($240 yr)
are we staying on current pricing $10 a month ( $100 yr) until 2025

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Simplisafe offers free monitoring and non of this Ring bait and switch. I’m not happy and non of us should be!!!

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According to Ring’s support doc:

You’ll continue to have access to Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen) until your next subscription renewal after January 1, 2025, after which you’ll be automatically migrated to the Ring Protect Pro Plan. Ring reserves the right to change this offer, our subscription plans, or pricing for our services or any components, at any time, effective as of the beginning of your next billing period.

If I’m interpreting it correctly:

  • If you’re on Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen) now, you’ll be able to renew that plan until it expires in 2025
  • The Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen) is currently $10/mo, $100/yr, but there’s no guarantee it’ll stay that way through 2025 (“Ring reserves the right to change…our pricing…effective as of the beginning of your next billing period.”)

I suspect there will be a little bit of noise caused by this change at first, and the resulting “outrage” from some. The reality is, this gives all of us advance notice that the $100/yr plan has an end and we can use that to determine whether we continue to invest in the Ring ecosystem, or plan to move. I’m guessing that’s why they made the end date 2025 – leaves us grandfathered so we don’t immediately all leave, but gives enough runway that, for most of us, a change in 2025 doesn’t really impact us now.

Notice, though, it got lost in the wave of Amazon/Ring product announcements, which was probably intentional – I don’t think any article picked up on this relatively major change to the way Ring prices its alarm plans.

What a ripoff and deceptive strategy. A lot of folks have invested a ton of $ in various devices upfront due to the lower subscription rates…with the increase, doesn’t make sense for me to choose your service. Many competitors bear the cost of most equipment and provide similar monthly prices. You’ve lost my respect and business forever.

Hi neighbors! First, thanks for sharing your feedback about the Ring Protect Pro plan here, as well as sharing information that you have found in our Help Center with each other. This feedback is appreciated and I’ll make sure to pass it onto my team. I’m happy to share some resources and information that may help clear up any confusion or answer any questions you have. You can find all of the details and information on what the Protect Pro plan entails here in our Help Center Article. If you are currently subscribed to the Ring Protect Plus plan and you’re wondering what happens to your plan, you can read about that here. It’s important to note that the Ring Protect Pro plan only applies to our neighbors in the U.S. as well, so neighbors in other regions will not have any change to their plans.

Finally, if you want to see a comparison of all our plans side-by-side, you can find that listed out in this article. The resources I linked should help answer any questions you have, but you can always give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here if you have any further concerns about your account or plan. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. I hope you find this helpful, and feel free to continue sharing any feedback you may have! :slight_smile:

I use monthly cost for professional monitoring - to evaluate my long-term cost for a home security system.

Low-cost professional monitoring - was my key goal in selecting security alarm system. Or I’d have gone with other vendors.

Ring’s $10/month professional monitoring was therefore one key reason I chose Ring over SimpliSafe a few years ago.

With this increase,

Ring’s Pro professional monitoring ($20/month) is now significantly higher than SimpliSafe’s standard professional monitoring ($15/month).

Glass break sensor was also what I seriously wanted for a long time, as thieves often would break the glass so to avoid triggering contact sensors.

But Ring has not offered glass break sensors all along.

Now SimpliSafe is becoming very attractive to me.

They have glass break sensor, and their standard professional monitoring system now costs quite lower than Ring.

** Ring is also removing Person Detection - from the DIY camera monitoring.

This is the other significant and very unwise change from Ring,

as person detection is becoming widely available now in many camera systems.

My response (and probably many others) is to ditch the cameras, and get a separate home camera system (that comes with AI/person detection feature, which is now easily found in many monitoring camera products),

that way I’m not controlled by having to subscribe to monthly professional monitoring plan - to get person detection in the cameras.

(I won’t be able to afford Ring’s new Virtual Security Guard feature anyway so I don’t need integrated cameras with the security alarm system.)


That’s the way I’m looking at it. Pause further expansion of my Ring ecosystem and see what other options are out there. If Ring doesn’t raise the $100/yr price between now and 2025, I’ll probably make a decision on whether to switch closer to 2025, when most of my camera and alarm hardware may need to be replaced anyway.

Granted, I don’t think there’s any subscription service that will guarantee their prices over the next X years, unless you also, in turn, make a similar commitment for X years.

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Be forewarned. I opted not to subscribe for the yearly service and started getting false alerts only after 2am no matter what settings I used. I am phasing out the ring products

It’s still going to be $5 less a month than Simplisafe for equivalent service. Simplisafe is $15 a month for monitoring without smartphone functionality or camera dvr. It’s $25 a month for monitoring with smartphone functionality and camera DVR. Plus, Simplisafe doesn’t offer backup home internet and they only support a max of 10 cameras.

It should be obvious to anyone that $100 a year was just to break into the market and gain a customer base. There’s no way they were making money at that rate.

So I don’t really care about backup home internet. I have a smartphone with high speed hotspot for that. I do wish there were something else special about the Pro version.

I monitor two properties so Ring is still a good cost compared to the competition for me.

This is wrong. I will be starting a campaign against ring to discourage newcomer’s from investing their money in ring. I have been a big fan of the company for years now. Their products are already overpriced, this is the final nail in the coffin by DOUBLING their prices.

On a side note, with the ring protect plan ring is suppose to have an extended warranty that will cover your devices if something happens to them. I have never had an issue until today when I called in about three of my first generation chimes that stopped working. As I’m sure many who own these chimes know, they’re full of issues. I spent over an hour on the phone with support having them tell me there’s nothing they can do and finally they send “out of the kindness of their hearts they would one time replace them” THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. It is suppose to be included in my subscription! This company is going downhill in a hurry.

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Stand together. Share and sign the petition to demand Ring to not take away our features as Protect Plus subscribers!

I totally understand that Ring can and should be able to increase prices. I’m just sad to see that they have decided to basically double their prices. A annual increase of 10% or so would be totally acceptable. This comes across as pure greed and feel that they are taking advantage of their customers. I’m sure they’ve already assessed what the overall effect would be on their revenue and feel that this is the best move they could make. Unfortunately, I’ll have to look more closely at the competition now.

Ring should just keep things the way they are. Not all of us have the alarm system or are planning on getting it. Guess, in 2025 I’ll be installing some other type of internet camera and starting over.

Extra 100 a year seems like a steep increase in price for no added benefit.

Ring has lost me forever. I invested in 12 cameras from them that I good have just as easily bought cameras and my own home system from someone else. The Feds should be looking into weather or not you should be replacing hardware for free. You have screwed up your Android app. Now I have to play games to turn individual lights off. Today O find you are eliminating the Win 10 desktop app. You are screwing with the protection plan. You are nothing but a bait and switch company. I will be dumping my trash on Ebay and make sure everyone know why. I will reimburse my son for the equipment I talked him into buying. I will make sure no one I knows spends a dime with you. What arrogance.