Ring Protect Plus 30 day trial period question - moderators please respond

Dear moderators,
I got two different answers from Ring phone support on this tonight.

The situation is simple. I bought two Ring spotlight cams. One I activated 28 days ago (so had two days left on trial), and the other one today. Thinking that I would need Protect Plus for the first camera in order to maintain extended warranty, I bought the year Protect Plus plan from my linked Amazon account. Now, on the Ring account on my computer, it appears that BOTH cameras have a free Protect Plus trial period for 30 days meaning I will be getting 60 days on the first one, and therefore no need to launch the year protect plus plan that is ready to be activated. Is this correct? I noted there is a button to click on the Ring computer account to launch the purchased plan but was worried I would therefore lose this additional 30 days trial on the first camera, and the first 30 days on the second camera - or in other words, a month of free service. Can a moderator confirm that if you add a second camera while the first is still under the first 30 day free trial, they BOTH get 30 days now moving forward and therefore might as well wait to click on the year Protect Plus activation button on my account? And, Ring phone support should really have these answers to these simple questions! The second agent even said I would need to prove purchase of the Protect Plus purchase from Amazon with screen shots etc. when in fact it already shows it ready to launch in the Ring account on my computer.

Also, now I don’t see “x days remaining on trial” on the app. What happened to it??

Hi @trail-explorer. Let’s see if I can help clear things up. First, let me explain what the Ring Protect Plus (RPP) Plan does. In a nutshell, the RPP Plan will cover cloud storage for recordings for all of your devices, at one Location. It will also extend the warranty of any device at that Location that is not out-of-warranty (less than 1 year old).

Each time you purchase a Ring Device, such as a Spotlight Cam, you get a free 30 day trial. The 30 days starts right after the device is setup.

If you purchase a RPP Plan during the trial, the trial will reach it’s 30 days and on day 31 your paid RPP Plan will then start. If you have questions about how many days left are on your trial, or when your 1 year paid subscription to RPP, I would follow up with the support team so they can access your Ring account and provide you the most accurate information. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Tom_Ring Thanks Tom. I was also asking if when you add a new device, when the first one was still under the free trial, is the “clock” reset for the first one too? In other words, I was on day 28 of 30 on the first device, so now I have another 30 days free trial on the first one, running at the same time as the new device, correct? Why is there such confusion about this with RIng Support? The first agent told me I immediately needed to purchase a plan.

Hi @trail-explorer. Every time an applicable new device is setup, a 30 day free trial begins. If you were already on a 30 day free trial, once the new device is setup up, that devices 30 day free trial will take over and you will have 30 days from that point. It will not add-on to the other free trial.

As I mentioned earlier, if you purchase a plan while on a free trail, it won’t begin until your free trial is over. This helps ensure that there is no lapse in coverage, as anything that is recorded while not on a Ring Protect Plan is not saved in the cloud. I hope this makes sense.

@Tom_Ring Hi Tom. I’m not sure if you understand the first part of the question. One camera was on day 28 of the trial. On that day, I activated a second camera. In the account, BOTH cameras are showing coverage for 30 days ahead now, meaning the first one will be covered for a total of 58 days (the first 28 plus the new 30), the second one for thirty, but BOTH expiring in 30 days. Apparently because they are in the same location, the new free 30 day trial applied again the first camera as well as that is how they are displayed on the web browser account - under location, with green check marks next to both cameras for coverage. So the second device 30 days did in fact add on to the first one. I took screenshots on the account page and if you want I can send directly to you if you have questions.

Hi @trail-explorer. This is because you are getting the Ring Protect Plus Plan as a free trail. As explained in the Help Center article I shared, the Ring Protect Plus Plan covers ALL devices at one Location. Looking over the documents I shared should answer most of your questions. What you are describing is exactly how the Ring Protect Plus Plan free trial is intended to work. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK. So we agree I am receiving a second trial period on the first camera, now running at the same time as the second camera I added? If so, that’s great. I did not want to not have the protect plus as I understand if you don’t have it immediately before trial expiration, then you don’t get the extended warranty.

Hi @trail-explorer. The Ring Protect Plan does not have to be purchased immediately to use the extended warranty. I recommend looking over some of the Help Center articles I shared, as most of this information can be found there.

@Tom_Ring Iooked over the links. Nowhere does it clarify the situation I’m describing. So just to confirm, adding a second device while the first one is under trial, does indeed now extend 30 days to the first device while the new device receives its 30 days, and both are covered 30 days moving forward. Correct? Please understand agents on the support line have given different answers on this.

Hi @trail-explorer. Correct. I think we are both on the same page now. :hugs:

I called Ring customer service 2 times regarding this question.
Both of these Customer Support Ring agents constantly had to ask someone or look up an answer when I asked. I received conflicting answers from these two agents. I finally thanked them and politely ended the conversation. The third time I called Ring regarding this question, I called Ring Technical support. I found the technical support people know a lot about the Ring devices and the Protect Plans. Anyway, the Ring technical support guy Kemar, told me that whenever you purchase a new Ring security device which connects to your existing Ring Alarm system, then there is a 30 day trial period for that particular new device, not the previously purchased devices. Kemar recommended that I purchase the Ring Protect plan (one year for $100) in order to assure a seamless protection of all my Ring Alarm system components. In addition, once the Ring Protect Plan is paid for, a certificate is emailed to you to send to your insurance company to help lower your insurance cost.
I do not know why this information is not clear on the Ring website or in the Ring Community questions and answers.

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You’re right about making this information available to others. For any other neighbors who visit this thread, they’ll see some great links shared above;

In addition to these, here is our help center article with information on how to get a professional monitoring certificate for your insurance company.

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