Ring Protect Plan: X days left

Has anyone noticed that the never ending “annoyance” orange Ring Protect Plan notification link in the app takes you to a page that doesn’t let you sign up for Ring Protect? It just shows a stupid video and lets you chat with a rep. Where’s the sign up link? Or, if you’re already signed up and adding another device, where’s the add another device to the plan or upgrade the plan link? I’ve never seen such a ridiculous landing page for such an annoying notification. And, why can’t you manage this from the app itself? Change plan? Add a plan? The app already knows you’ve added another device, why doesn’t it just prompt you to upgrade the plan? Upgrade you plan, here’s the cost, click to accept. Simple

Most people like the ease and convivence of a web browser, not a phone.
In my Android app, at the bottom of the dashboard (main) page there’s a “Setup a device” to add additional devices.

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