Ring protect plan pro in France

Hi everyone,

I’m French and I’ve been using ring products since July 2021. I have a ring alarm set + 4 ring cameras. I also subscribed to the 12 month protect plan plus.

I read that there’s this new protection plan (pro). It’s twice the price and you need to purchase this new eero device.

Unfortunately, most of the “best” features are only available in the US. So, will i be forced to upgrade to this new plan when my initial 12 month plan is over ? I just want to stand with the protect plus plan which is more than sufficient for me.

Since my current plan ends next July, what happens if i subscribe now for 12 more months ? Will it be possible and if yes, will my current protect plus plan end in July 2023 instead of July 2022 ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @FREDOLIXUS. In this Help Center article here, you’ll find that your Ring Protect Plan will stay the same until the year 2025. Let me know if you have any additional questions after reviewing this article.

Hi @Tom_Ring,

Thank you very for this perfect answer. It’s exactly what I needed to know. So, from what I read, I don’t have to worry (I don’t live in the US and I subscribed before September 28, 2021.
I think it’s fair for us, French customers. We don’t have all the features you guys have in the US. I hope one day we could get some of these useful features.

My 12-month subscription ends in July. When I am supposed to renew it ? Do I get an email like one month before (reminder) ?


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Hi @FREDOLIXUS. Happy to help! Your Ring Protect Plan should be setup to Auto-Renew. You can always login to Ring.com and review this information under the Protect Plan tab or under the Account > Billing tab. As always, we strive to ensure all of our customers have the best experience possible. Hopefully some of these features will become available to you in the future! Thanks, Neighbor!