Ring protect plan and emergency contacts (foreign phone numbers)?


I know that with my protect plan I can register 3 phone numbers as emergency contacts. In my case, there’s my own number, my wife’s and my brother’s. We all live in France, so all numbers are with +33 as country code.

Let’s imagine I travel abroad this summer. I normally use a local (foreign) sim card to avoid paying expensive phone bills when I travel abroad. In that case, may I just register 3 new phone numbers as emergency contacts during 2 or more weeks and back in my country, register my usual numbers back ?

Are we allowed to get emergency phone calls during an alarm alert when we travel abroad at no extra cost ?


If you go to your emergency contacts settings, you can tap the country code and it brings up a list of supported country’s it can call. If you are going to one of those, it looks like it will work.



Thanks for the tip. I’ve found the list of countries. Unfortunately, the country I am planning to go to is not included. I may have to check with my brother in law. He may be the solution since is not traveling abroad this summer.