Ring protect notification keeps popping up every time I open the Ring app

I have a Ring doorbell 3 and a stick-up camera and have purchased a protect plan for both items, but every time I open the app, the notification continues to pop up telling me that the trial is about to end, so how do I stop that message from popping up?

Hi @les1032. The notification for for your trial ending will disappear once the 30 day trial has ended.

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Mine just changed to add an extra layer…
Have a lifetime free account. How to get rid of the popup? Was not there when i just had cameras, came with the alarm

Hi @user27757. If you just added the Ring Alarm system to your Ring account, you will have a 30 day trial period applied to your account. Whenever you set up a new Ring Doorbell or Camera, or the Alarm system, you will receive a free trial. You can read more about this here.