Ring Protect Locations

I just purchased my second Ring Alarm system for my property. On my property, I have a main house, a two story entertainment space, and a guest house. I chose to purchase and install three different Ring systems on my property. The app forced me to create a new “location” for each, and as such, is trying to charge me for a Ring Protect subscription on each. How do I get all my systems on one location, as they are all truly and literally on one location. At this point I’m in thousands of dollars for all my ring alarms, cameras, sensors, etc. and this is pretty frustrating. Thoughts?

Hi @2048Bit. You cannot set up multiple Base Stations for one location. This Help Center article has information regarding the Ring Alarm System, which states you can only have one Base Station per location. Also, our Ring Protect Plans cover just one location, so if you have multiple locations setup, you have to subscribe to a plan for each individual one. I hope this information helps clarify your concern.