Ring Protect Go for Car Cam 2GB limit?

I received my car cam today and successfully installed it. It seems to be working well, but I noticed that for the LTE plan there is a 2GB limit per month. I don’t recall seeing any mention of that when I preordered the car cam. This has me concerned for a few reasons. One, there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to monitor data usage in the app. Even when I called Ring they didn’t have access to that info. Two, 2GB doesn’t seem like a lot of data for a device that needs to transmit video files regularly. Three, it references overage charge should that limit be exceeded. If I need to be worried about data caps for this camera and plan, I won’t be keeping this beyond the 30 day return window so hopefully there is more info on this topic somewhere.

Hi @Mark_CT. We currently have this Ring.com page describing the 2GB data limit for the Ring Car Cam when subscribed to Ring Protect Go. If you scroll down to the “frequently asked questions” section, you will find the current information we have available.

Thanks @Justin_Ring but all it says on that page is the following. It doesn’t addressed the other concerns I posted above.
Ring Protect Go includes 2GB of LTE data per month. Overage charges may apply. You will be notified and asked to opt in to data overages before receiving any overage charges on your account.

I agree the questions aren’t answered well. When i bought the device I hoped everything stored locally would also be on the cloud.

My questions are:

  1. During the 30 day trial is there no cloud storage? When I try to access any videos it won’t let me as my car is currently off and I’m not sure why I’d potentially spend $60 a year up front for something when I dont know if/how it works

  2. When engine is off and it’s taking power from the battery does it still store videos locally or only in the cloud?

  3. Speaking of which, I have a new car and after I drive for 15 mins and park it records basically nothing when engine is off due to battery life. Is it safe to put battery level on medium? It’s about 30 degrees outside and I work 8.5 hours

  4. If we use up all the data on the plan is the only option to agree to pay more or would it just store videos locally after that?

Hi neighbors, happy to chime in here. We are currently evaluating LTE usage for the Car Cam, and there are no charges for going over the 2GB data limit at this time. We anticipate there will be reasonable overage charges at a later date for customers who use more than 2GB – to help keep the subscription affordable for everyone. We will communicate in advance of any overage charges being introduced, and you can opt-in to overages for your device before you would be charged. If you decline any data overage, any features relying on LTE will not work until the next month. You can see a breakdown of what features do and don’t use LTE here.

Cloud Highlights capture the beginning of Motion and Traffic Stop events and immediately upload video to the cloud for immediate access. The remaining portion of a Motion or Traffic Stop event is locally stored. As a result, individual Motion and Traffic Stop events in Event History and Timeline are be made up of a local and cloud events.

• Drive events automatically begin recording at the beginning of a drive and are always stored locally.
• Live View events are always uploaded to the cloud and can thus act as Cloud Highlights.
• Cloud Highlights are stored in the cloud up to 180 days.

Car Cam has a power management system which will turn itself off in advance of ever depleting the vehicle’s battery. When your vehicle is parked, the Car Cam goes into a low-power monitoring mode. After a drive, it may turn off once it detects a certain vehicle battery level in order to ensure you’re able to start your vehicle. The device will turn back on once the vehicle is started. To control how long Car Cam stays active between drives, you can change the Vehicle Battery Usage setting in the Ring app. This setting allows you to determine how soon Car Cam shuts off based on your driving behavior, battery age, and the environment. Ring does not recommend you use Car Cam if your vehicle’s battery is past its service life.

Here are a few battery life tips:
• Vehicles need to be driven at highway speeds now and then to keep the battery charged.
• If Car Cam turns off too quickly, raise its Vehicle Battery Usage setting.
• If the vehicle won’t be used for a while, unplug accessories like Car Cam to protect its battery.

I know this is a lot of information, but I wanted to try and cover all of the questions presented in this thread. If you have any additional questions, or need help troubleshooting your Car Cam, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

“We are currently evaluating LTE usage for the Car Cam, and there are no charges for going over the 2GB data limit at this time. We anticipate there will be reasonable overage charges at a later date for customers who use more than 2GB – to help keep the subscription affordable for everyone.”

Holy bait and switch Batman! So you’re basically saying this is like a Ponzi Scheme where customers buy in at a flat rate but you can jack up the prices at anytime based upon your revenue needs.

Most carriers (AT&T included) have affordable unlimited data plans which are throttled back to slower speeds once data limits are reached. They NEVER charge for overages anymore. These are not the dark ages anymore. Enlightened companies realize that millions of customers will flee to the competition when capricious practices are encountered.

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