Ring Protect added and charged a card w/out my permission

My original debit card was replaced on 6/25/22, but I never updated it with Ring. My billing date is on the 12th of each month. Ring attempted to charge my card on the 12th and 19th, but obviously the payment failed because the card was no good. Then today (7/26/22), a payment was charged to my new card, though I’ve never updated the card. When looking at my billing, this new card is on file as a payment method.

What’s even more fishy is that now my billing history shows that the attempts made on my account were with the new card. That’s impossible, because I use Chime, and I have Spot Me enabled. Not only did I have funds in my account on those dates, but even if I hadn’t, the charge would have still went through.

I called support, who first insisted that the payment method change was made on ring.com. I told them that 7/25/22 was the first time in months that I’ve visited the site, and that was only to figure out why the app chimes were not working. I then mentioned Amazon and she says, yes it could be from being linked to them. Why was this not offered as a possible reason? Then she tried to pass the buck off to them and told me to call them. I told her no. Then I checked my Amazon account and found I have NEVER used the new card with them - for purchases nor subscriptions. She put me on hold and returned saying that the change was definitely made on my end from ring.com, and that they have no access to my account without my permission. Also, they don’t know what date the card was added. How convenient.

So the mystery still remains as to how Ring was able to locate my card info and update it. I even checked my browsing history for the entire month of July, just in case I had updated it and forgot. But nope, I hadn’t visited the site any other days. Also, I had gotten a notification earlier in the month stating I would lose my subscription to Ring Protect if I didn’t update the payment method. They are definitely doing some illegal activities and covering it up.


I agree. They charged me twice even though there is one owner. They say even the shared user needs subscription. Crooks