Ring Protect Account with a New Camera

I have purchased a new Ring Doorbell Camera after my previous one was faulty. Just after my first purchase, I also purchased a Protect cloud plan as my trial period had run out. I have added the new camera to my account and deleted the faulty camera but I have the message on the app that I have the 29 day trial again before purchasing Protect cloud. Why is my new camera not covered? I have not cancelled the plan.

Hi @user56743. Do you have a Ring Protect Basic or Plus plan? The Basic plan only applies to one device, so it would not automatically apply to a new device added if the original was removed. You can cancel your Basic plan and then resubscribe for the new Doorbell, and that plan will take effect after the trial period ends. The free trial does provide you with access to Ring Protect benefits in the meantime as well. Whenever you cancel a Ring protect plan, you’ll receive a prorated refund for any unused time.

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