Ring professional not working

I have ring professional protection. My system was set on Home and my neighbor walked in. Nothing happened. It was as if my alarm wasn’t on. Scary. Why could this be? What am I paying for, if not protection?

Hi @user78597. Professional Monitoring is included as part of the Ring Protect Plus and Pro plan, but you’ll still need to set it up in the Ring app first. You can find steps on how to do that here. After completing the sign up for Professional Monitoring, you can check your Modes settings to change which sensors are monitored in each Mode if needed. The default settings vary between Home and Away Mode.

If you need further assistance with your Ring Alarm or Professional Monitoring settings, please reach out to our support team and request to speak with the Ring Alarm team specifically. They can take a closer look at your account and device details to troubleshoot any issues.

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