Ring professional monitoring in Canada

Hi there,

I live on the outskirts of Calgary, postal code starts with T3R. I am looking for a security system with professional monitoring. Prior to buying the Ring security kit I wanted to confirm whether I will have professional monitoring available in my area.


Hi @Walimb. Yes, Professional Monitoring is available for neighbors in Canada. The only exception is Quebec, as we do not ship there and Professional Monitoring is not supported there either. You can learn more about Professional Monitoring here.

Thanks for the reply! I see some other posts mentioning it was not available in their areas and they did not live in Quebec. Would it be possible for me to hop on a call with an agent and provide specific details on my location so they can confirm without a doubt?

u need to purchase a alarm base ca not us

@Walimb You are always welcome to contact our support team at one of the numbers available here. However, there was likely another cause for neighbors who had issues outside of Quebec, such as an incorrect address or incorrect hardware. Neighbors will sometimes purchase Ring devices when they’re traveling, and then their device does not work when they return to their home country.

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