Ring products only last just over 2 years

Anyone else has an issue with the ring video doorbell 2 camera cover delaminating and coming away from the camera?
Mine is just over 2 years old and has been like this for a while and I thought I would have a look tonight and see that the plastic cover over the camera has started to peel away and snapped off around the edges.
Spoke to ring and as over 2 years old they are not interested.
Just offer a code for % off a full price item not even off a bundle price even thought I don’t think the item was of satisfactory quality due to the limited time the item has lasted.

Exactly. If something happens after 1 year too bad so sad. The discount they sent you is a joke. they sent it to me. I said great…my faulty 1.5 year old stick up camera now requires I pay you $60 dollars as a discounted price for a new one? How nice of them to want $60 of my dollars. No thanks. I am getting system I can monitor myself with no subscription fees. RING can go pound sand.

The products are only covered by a 1 year warranty so you shouldn’t expect Ring to just give you a new one. Warranty | Ring

So how about loyalty? I guess RING is not interested. So instead of me paying them the $110 or so a year (a customer for almost 10 years)…with 2 other cameras that are older than 2 years old…no issues…and not admitting that once in a while there might be a faulty or Lemon camera out there…and/or standing by their product…(I guess they dont have confidence with only 1 year warranty…I should have known then…)…they prefer to lose a customer and get $0? Good business strategy. Thanks for the info.