Ring Products - Full home security

Ill be moving house soon, and im considering using ring for the full home security suite since my new house doesnt have any intruder system. Although I have extensive knowledge on intruder systems, has anyone got the full suite and what are your honest thoughts?

I have Ring everything - Security (with all the sensors), POE Cameras, Doorbell. I am about 18 months and one smoke alarm event in. I have had several other security systems in the past, so I know the territory. I like the Ring as it is easy for you as the homeowner to do install and maintain, has all the bells and whistles I need, the equipment is good quality and reasonably priced, Ring does stand behind the warranty (I had a camera go bad), and the $10/month plan cannot be beat - warranty and monitoring. I can honestly say if I was starting over I would choose Ring again.


Great to hear thank you. Yeah ive worked with security systems the majority of my career so I know them well. Just the ones I work with are totally different to domestic systems. Ive looked into the ring home system and I have to agree with you, from the outset it seems to be a very good option. Although I am in the UK so the monitoring side of things I dont think I have access to. However I will be investing in this.

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