Ring products and new Samsung S20 issues

I have several ring products, which I love, but just got the new Samsung S20 phone yesterday, and the live ring app hangs and does not load. Any suggestions?

Have you tried uninstalling, rebooting your phone and the reinstall the app yet?

Yes, I tried that. Dashboard works, but as soon as I pick a camera to show “Live View” It hangs.

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Hey @Bgreentoo, do you have any bluetooth devices connected to your phone when you are attempting to load the Live View? If you do, like a watch or headphones, try disconnecting them and then loading the Live View. Additionally, can you try the Rapid Ring app? This is connected directly to the Ring app to load your Live View and solely that. Let us know how this goes!

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Yes, it has to do with the bluetooth Samsung smart watch (again). When the last software upgrade came out, it fixed that issue using a Samsung S10. Now seems to be an issue again on the Samsung S20.

Just tried this “Rapid Ring App”, and it does work. Thank You, as this is a short term fix, but would prefer to have it fixed in main app., so I can use the dashboard and pick anyone of the (5) camera’s I view live.

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@Bgreentoo Totally agreed! I will make sure to pass this onto our team that works on these kind of concerns so it can be addressed as soon as possible. Glad the Rapid Ring app works in the meantime! :slight_smile:

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Hello, I am having this exact same issue. Very frustrating as it used to work fine (I have had the s20 since it first came out) and now doesn’t. When is the fixed expected!!!

Hi, i am also having trouble with connecting to live view. In both apps it will not work. As soon as i open the app on my old S10 i am not having the problems. I hope you can help us.