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Can you tell me what the little box installed inside the chime does? The white packet that wires to the chime. Is it a capacitor? Some sort of module?

Hi @blt1301. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro requires a Pro Power Kit for installation, which will be that little white box you’ve found. This is like a regulator for the wiring setup for your Doorbell Pro that helps make sure there isn’t too much or too little power going to the Doorbell. The Pro Power Kit has a “self-healing” fuse inside it to do just that. All in all, The Pro Power Kit ensures that your Ring Video Doorbell Pro gets the power it needs to function properly and is required for all installs!

So why wouldn’t Ring put them in all doorbell kits? I got my other daughter a Ring2 & looking over parts pkg. & on line instructions it says it’s hardwired which I took as it will charge itself when hooked to a old school doorbell. Now I’m reading on this forum that it kind of charges when hooked up?? I think I read 10% trickle charge? I would think that should be mentioned in the directions & worded as such to avoid a lot of confusion from your customers. Also mentioned on forum by you that a second battery would be required for operation while charging the original…so why not just sell it with 2 batteries??? I don’t think people would care if it cost a little more up front rather than to find out when they charge their battery the unit is down until it’s charged. Just my opinion

@blt1301 I totally understand where you’re coming from and I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate team for this situation! To clear up any confusion, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro’s hardware requires it to have a Pro Power Kit to regulate the power in it, as it does not have an internal rechargeable battery. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 can be hardwired, which would give you the 10% trickle charge as you have stated. Although, when hardwired, it is taking power from the setup it’s hardwired to and putting it into the battery. The battery itself has it’s own regulator, like the Power Pro Kit, and therefore does not require an additional device to include during setup if you choose to hardwire it. Since the Ring Video Doorbell 2 can work off of the battery power solely, there is no need for any additional pieces. The only piece you may need when it comes to hardwiring will be the diode, but this is not related to power concerns, just with the internal chime kit, and is included in the parts kit as well for neighbors to use!

The feedback on the battery is agreeable, so rest assured this has been passed on. This is simply a personal preference that is up to the neighbor if they choose to get a second battery. I personally have recommended this in the Community forum as I have it for my own setup, but every neighbor’s setup is unique and some may not care to have another battery. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the claification!

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