Ring Pro Works intermittently between resets

My Ring Pro stopped working on Halloween. I reset the unit by holding the little button down for 30 seconds. It worked fine for about 15 minutes, then became unresponsive again. Each time I reset it, it works for a while, then stops. Obviously I can’t continuously reset the unit. Is this a sign that the unit is dying? Is there another option to fix it that I need to try?

Hey @Dddenise ! With the Pro becoming seemingly unresponsive at times, this may be an indication of power concerns. I recommend checking the wiring behind the Pro as well as in the chime kit, to ensure all wires are connected properly and are not crossing, or corroded.

The next best step would be to reach out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for more in depth troubleshooting. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Mind stopped working at midnight on Nov 3th, after working for 2 couple of years, hmmm. Wonder if there was a new firmware push that bricked the units?

Hi, when you push the button on the PRO does it ring and then the Ring light on the unit go out? This indicates a power issue, either with the supply from your transformer, or a failure of the small fixed internal battery/capacitor circuit in the PRO.

I contacted the 1800 tech support line and they are replacing my unit based on its serial number. Tech support agent was awesome.

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