Ring Pro wont show Live event while person is standing in front of doorbell

I have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and I have been having issues with motion detection and viewing an event live when someone rings the doorbell. when I set the motion to “people Only” mode I dont get any motion alerts except for cats and cars passing on the street.

Also when someone rings the doorbell and waits I can not view the live video, I can only see it after which doesnt help me see who’s at the door before I answer the ring. this was not always the case. only in the last few months has this become a problem

Hey @P_DUB73. Could you try and see how your motion detection performance is with People Only Mode off? We’ve noted that occasionally when in People Only Mode, light reflection, as from an outside window, can activate motion detection. If you’re getting a lot of unwanted notifications look for reflective surfaces that may be shining light onto your device. I recommend doing some testing to see if the motion detection is better off with this mode off!

For the slow Live View loading times, I would recommend checking out our Rapid Ring app, as this app was made specifically for speeding up the Live View load time! Let me know if you find out that the app seems to help. :slight_smile:

When I turn off “people only” I get a lot of unwanted alerts from shadows of the palm leaves over my walk way, cats and cars passing by… On windy days I put it in people only mode to avoid alerts from the leaves blowing in the wind and the cats late at night… People only mode is not working as it should, I don’t think turning it off is really the solution…

@P_DUB73 Could you show me a video of one of these false motion events? Could you show me a screenshot of how you have your motion zones set? Lastly, let me know where you slider for Motion Sensitivity is at! A screenshot of the Motion Settings page would work if that’s easier. For the video, you can get a share link by texting or emailing the video in question, and whatever url is there you can share here. If not, you can download the video, and then compress it into a zip file to attach here. :slight_smile:

Okay I will upload the screenshots

@P_DUB73 Thank you so much for those screenshots! I think I could have some solutions that may help in this situation.

For the motion zones, could you try and see how the motion detection is when you have 3 zones that cover that whole area, instead of one large zone? Breaking up these zones instead of having a large one will generally help with overall motion detection! In addition, I recommend to exclude the light that seems to be shining in the view of the camera, at the top right-ish area of that Live View. For the motion sensitivity, lets see how it behaves when you have it exactly in the middle, if you could move it down a little to that!

If you continue to get some false motion events, please share a video example of this so I could see maybe why it was setting off the camera! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried the 3 zone idea, from reading your response to a similar issue but it only gave me more alerts from the cars passing on the street, I’ve had that motion zone set that way for 3 years and the only change I made was to exclude the street to hopefully get less alerts from cars…I will remove the section that has the light… So when you say move towards the middle do you want me to move it to the right closer to my door? Or not have it so tall?

@P_DUB73 Oh perfect, nice job! My apologizes as well, when I reference the middle, I meant with the motion sensitivity slider where it says “Less Motion” and “More Motion,” put this right in the middle for me! Although, you make a good point, and I agree to move the zone so that it’s closer to the door and maybe not as tall to avoid any areas where that light may be hitting/reflecting off of.

Oh okay, yes I have the sensitivity set to the middle, I adjusted my motion zone also…
Does using the Rapid Ring app affect these settings?

@P_DUB73 Awesome, thank you! No worries on the Rapid Ring app, having that app should not affect these setting for you. Also, I know you said you tried it before, but are you willing to try the 3 zones again? Here’s an example of how I would break up the three zones for your device! I want to also see if example the window (reflective surface) helps in the end too! After you’ve done this, let me know on Monday how the motion detection was over the weekend. :slight_smile:

I’ve added the 3 motion zones and it has not improved the motion detection at all over the single zone…also the video Quality of the ring Video doorbell pro is not as clear as the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, that I own, the doorbell is visibly blurry and cleaning the lense has not helped at all. is it possible to get a replacement doorbell or an upgrade for the difference?

I have attached screenshots from both my cameras to show the obvious difference in quality

@P_DUB73 Thanks for getting back to me! The possibility of a replacement or exchange for another device is something that will have to be determined by our support team here. If you can, please give them a call so they can do any advanced troubleshooting with you since you have been having this concern for quite some time. Please let me know what they end up doing for and with you! Feel free to have them reference this thread to see what we have already done, and the screenshots you have included.

Okay, Thank you.

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