Ring Pro won't connect via RCN

I switched from Comcast to RCN today and now my Ring Pro doorbell can’t connect to the cloud. I own my own modem so there was no change there and ther doorbell is connecting to the wifi modem just fine. I tried going through the setup process again but it fails saying there is something wrong with the internet connection. All my other devices are working just fine and the speed test shows at least 15Mbps in both directions. Has anyone else encountered this type of problem? I still have service via Comcast until Friday and an tempted to switch back just to see if it reconnects. Anyone else encounter this, or if Ring support monitors the community, any suggestions?

I tried switching back to Comcast and the Ring Pro came back on-line. Switched back to RCN and it is off-line again. Connects to the Wifi router just fine, but can’t get to the cloud. Looks like maybe RCN is blocking something.