Ring pro with plugin trafo, still poor voltage

I nougat the ring pro and the plugin trafo to be sure alle should be Ok.
But IT says poor voltage and 0 MHz. IT has two times lost connection and after a while comes back. Faulty ring or trafo ?

@TeamLokkebo , Since the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the only truly hardwired-powered Doorbell, it needs more power. All the other versions of the Ring Doorbell are actually Battery powered, and use the hardwire to only “Trickle-Charge” the Battery, but the Battery IS what is power source. But in your situation, the Ring Pro needs more power, you might have to bypass the house wall-mounted bell unit. Check out these two links:



I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

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I USE the original ring plugin trafo, shouldnt that be enough ?