Ring Pro (wired) not ringing inside - intermittent


I have installed the latest version of the doorbell and have noticed sometimes it rings outside but not inside on my chime. When I test it it rings fine. I cannot replicate the issue. Happens intermittently. People have walked away and packages returned to sender because of this.

Router is placed behind TV

Health Check indicates that everything is good but I should look to upgrade my transformer for future updates. Electrician who installed said the last Ring doorbell was faulty so he replaced that but not the transformer which came with the bell.

Could it be the Router placement?

Hi @ISNUMERIC. If it is related to router placement, then your device health should be reporting poor signal strength, also known as RSSI. If it is poor, then a wifi extender like the Ring Chime Pro could help your Doorbell’s performance. Also, if your Device Health is showing that you should upgrade your transformer, I would go through replacing it, as that could resolve your concern. If you are not comfortable replacing your transformer, I strongly recommend consulting a qualified electrician for assistance.