Ring Pro will not connect

Ring Pro. Ran fine for years. Came home one day and it was not connected. Nothing changed on the network side.

Many days of messing with it, hard resets, etc. I hear the lady talking during setup, but it keeps failing to connect and says there is something wrong with the internet (no, there is not).

I finally got fed up and put a wifi extender next to the Ring Pro, literally on the other side of the wall. Still won’t connect according to the lady’s voice coming out of the doorbell, however, THE DOORBELL SHOWS UP ON MY WIFI NETWORK AND GETS AN IP ADDRESS.

I am blocking multiple counties other than US, so if its trying to phone home to China, its out of luck. However, my Ring Cameras and little doorbell speakers work just fine.

Any advice before I throw it away?

It sounds like your Video Doorbell Pro is attempting to complete setup and is failing right at the end. Check out our Light Patterns Help Center article to confirm the failure reason or light pattern that is resulting from setup attempts. Try also completing the setup process using another mobile device entirely, if possible. Please ensure there is not a VPN enabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: