Ring Pro will not connect since iOS 16 update

Our ring doorbell has not been functioning since the last iOS update. We have had it for 3 years, the Ring Pro

When I repair it, it first cannot connect to ring network so I force it by adding other until it appears.

Then when I connect to our home network it cannot find a network, even with a reset of the router and purchase of a Wi-Fi extender.

So I manually enter network it says it connects and it’s complete but when I go to my dashboard it says no network connection.

My router says that there is a client connected but it’s just not working.

Hi @jenblanca. There’s a few things you can try here. First, turn off power going to your Ring Pro for 10 minutes, then reconnect power. Once it powers up, perform a reset by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. You should be able to complete the setup after these steps. If you are still having issue, try connecting it to a WiFi hotspot. This will let you know if there are issues with your network. I hope this helps!