Ring Pro vs Ring 3 (or Plus)

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I will be installing a Ring security system in the very near future. Part of the installation will include a Ring doorbell. My home does not have an existing doorbell, transformer, wiring, chime, etc. however I do have the ability to install the required components for installing a Ring Pro. I’ve done enough online research and reviews between the two and the Ring Pro always seems to come out on top.

My question would be this: Do the differences between the Ring Pro and Ring 3 (or Plus) lean far enough towards the Ring Pro to justify purchasing the additional items and going through the installation process of the required components or would the battery powered Ring 3 (or Plus) be suffice?

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No advice out there…??

Hi @Brian_10101 - I would take a look at the differences of the motion detection between both devices. With the Ring Pro, you’ll have the ability to draw customized motion detection. Do you live near a busy street? If so, the Video Doorbell 3 may require a Wedge Kit or two to help with the positioning of the device (as with the Video Doorbell 3, you’re unable to customize the motion zones). Personally, if you’re able to go with the Pro, I would suggest that one.