Ring Pro Video not recording.

Hey Folks,

I have recently noticed that when i am checking the event history that the device is missing motion. Today for example I had an alert at 7am and it was the pool guy returning from working at the pool and he was going home. He had been here for over 30 mins.

I have verified and there is no motion schedule configured that would “sleep” the sensor and the setting for the zones should have sensed him arriving as it was the one that sensed him leaving.

Any help is appreciated.



Hey @thebazmundo! Whenever a motion event is missed, the best first step is to adjust motion settings and test different motion options. I recommend checking specifically for people only mode. As long as the motion took place within range and in a zone, it should be captured. Keep in mind, if there was a motion event just prior to this time the device may have been recording already. In addition to the above, wifi signal strength should also be considered, as efficient operation is often related to connection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: