Ring Pro video lighting adjustment

Is it posable to adjust the brightness and contrast? My Ring Pro is under the porch looking out to my driveway. move of the day it looks washed out. its looking north not into the sunlight. can this be adjusted?

Can you maybe post a screenshot of what it looks like?

if you look at the image in window you can see more then you can looks out into the drive way


Well, your walkway looks great. Even the angle is great. I don’t think there is anything you could do. The lighting difference is big. You have most of the area is the shadow and just that little bit at the very end very bright. I’m sure at night this isn’t a problem. My only suggestion is to get a cam, cam with light or such for the driveway for itself.

I was reading online that in our setting we can turn on and off the HDR (High Dynamic Range)

I cant find this in my video setting. can someone tell me how to find it?