Ring Pro Video Doorbell DELAY in ringing mechanical doorbell

Just got my Ring Pro Video Doorbell up and running. Why does the following happen?

  1. When the ring light around the button is off (dark) and the button is pressed, the Ring Pro device emits a sound immediately, BUT there is a delay of 3-5 seconds between pressing the button and the mechanical doorbell actually ringing.

  2. When the ring light around the button is on and spinning, the Ring Pro device does NOT emit a sound, and the mechanical doorbell rings immediately.

I want the mechanical doorbell to ring immediately EVERY time it is pressed. Is there a setting adjustment I can make?

Good question @SFBob! When pressing the button on the front of your Doorbell Pro, the device should certainly register this immediately. How long this sound takes to reach your internal chime kit will depend on numerous variables. A lengthy wire run, old or thin wires, debris or corrosion on wires, loose connections, or an old power supply, will present differences in chime kit functionality.

Please ensure the Pro Power Kit is installed at your chime kit correctly, and that the “chime type” is selected in the Ring app under your Ring Pro general settings. I recommend also checking our Chime Compatibility List to be sure your existing chime is compatible.

The lights will depend on what is happening at that time, as a white LED could be an indicator of your Doorbell Pro connecting to network, registering button push, powering up, or even updating. If the above does not help to resolve your concerns, feel free to check in with our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

Okay, I have checked everything that you suggest, but it does not explain the latency of Ring device-to-mechanical-chime.

The house wiring is old wire, and it is a long run from Ring button to the mechanical chime.

HOWEVER, if the button is pressed again while the LED is “spinning”, which is the case for some seconds after the initial press, the mechanical chime rings IMMEDIATELY (no delay).

This tells me that the Ring device, on the initial press (with the LED dark), is busy doing something else before making the mechanical chime ring. Perhaps the device’s first priority is to communicate via Wi-Fi to the Ring app, and only after that does it signal the mechanical chime? The Wi-Fi connection at the Ring device is very fast (average: 150MbPS), so I doubt that contributes to the delay.

I am having this exact same issue. There is absolutely no excuse for delays to a hardwired doorbell. This is lazy, poor design work. It doesn’t make the device less usable, but it makes it feel very low quality.