Ring Pro uploading vast amounts of data - any way to reduce this?

Hi there,

We’ve got a Ring Pro which we’ve had a while now, but a new router with some fancy bandwidth monitoring has revealed that the doorbell is uploading a *colossal* amount of data (it’s just gone noon here and it’s sent 3gb already).

We’re not using any sort of plan to record the video, so unless we choose to Live View on our phones, that video’s just going into the ether and not being used.

Is there a way to stop or reduce this? I couldn’t find a way to downgrade the video quality… and we only really need streamed video on the rare occasions when we’re out & about and need to answer the door.

Truth be told since getting this thing we’ve realised we probably don’t even need a video doorbell, although it’s useful to get the ring notifications on our phones when we’re down in the back yard and don’t hear the chime.

Of course, in asking this I’ve just discovered Motion Zones, so that will probably solve it (rather than being activated by every car that goes past…).

Any other suggestions welcome though!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @jasonbstanding. It seems like the Doorbell Pro may be capturing a lot of motion events and having the Live View triggered enough to cause this massive amount of data being uploaded, even if you don’t have the recordings, you will still be using some upload when the event happens. If you could, monitor in a day how many events you have and let me know that number as well as how much data upload you had in that same day!

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Hmm, I can’t see an easy way to tally up how many - but I can see that from the time I adjusted the motion zones it went from a motion event every minute or 2, to one every 6-20 minutes, so (I think) the amount uploaded has been reduced. Will leave it to do its thing tomorrow and see where it gets to.

Can’t believe it’s been churning out all that data all this time - our ISP think we’re running some sort of “specialist” home business…


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