Ring Pro Unreliable

I purchased Ring Pro and had it installed by an electrician o work with my mechanical doorbell. Had problem where doorbell would chime on it’s own from time to time. Bought a new transformer and had electrician back. Ring worked for a few days but then I was unable to use LIVE function of camera. Called support. Spent an hour on the phone fixing firmware and reinstalling doorbell. I continue to have intermittent problems. Works fine for awhile. Then I get Low Voltage message. Then it works again. When voltage is low it’s 3440. When it works number is 4019 - 4150. RSSI is -50. Internet speed is 60 - 100 mbps.

I have invested countless hours and almost $200 beyond the cost of the Ring Pro trying to get it up and running. This message is my last ditch effort before I rip it out. I will not be putting any more money into this process to pay an electrician or purchase a ring chime.