Ring Pro Unable to connect to internet at all

A number of months ago, I bought a Ring Pro camera, and I have yet to be able to get it to connect to my WiFi network. It will get to the very last step, and give me the nice, generic message about how there must be a problem with my internet. Meanwhile, my Wifi works fine for every other device I attempt to connect to it: phones, laptops, desktops, extenders, Apple TV, etc; not one other thing has problems. Ring even sent me a second one to make sure it wasn’t hardware related, and I got the same thing with that one. I have spent hours on the phone with my internet company, and everything looks fine. I have checked everything in the Ring support docs - including making sure I am using a 2.4 GHz network, and only on channels 1-11 - but still no luck. I have also verified that I have internet speeds of ~30 MPBS at the door, so slow connection is not an issue. I feel like I’ve wasted $250 for a useless doorbell.

Has anyone else had this problem that was able to get around it?

Have you tried using a different device to set it up?

So to add a little more detail, if I set up my phone as a mobile hot spot, connect my wife’s phone to my hotspot, and set up the doorbell, using my wife’s phone it sets up, but with a very weak connection, and live view only works when both phones are right by the door. I have three AirTies 4920 extenders throughout my house, including one within 5 feet of the front door where the doorbell is. My AirTies app shows my phone being connected to that extender with a strong signal, so I don’t get what the problem could be if everything else connects just fine.

Hey @wonder95! I’ve moved this post over to our Video Doorbells board so more neighbors can see and make suggestions on it. It sounds like you’ve done quite a bit of testing on your own and with support.

Being that the device connects to a hotspot, hardware is ruled out. Great suggestion on using another mobile device @Eagle328! This can sometimes help when setup is failing for seemingly no reason.

As you’ve completed most standard troubleshooting steps, the next best thing to try would be to simplify the network by unplugging the extenders. This will ensure the signal is not bouncing around different access points while trying to maintain a secure connection with the Video Doorbell. Try also creating a guest network as it will rule out any network settings.

Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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So I ended up getting a Ring Chime Pro and plugging it in between my router and the doorbell, and the doorbell is now working. However, it still seems odd to me that the doorbell woudn’t connect to the extender that was 5 feet away, and that I had to get an extender instead.

On a side note, my router is about 10 years, old, so I contacted my internet provider, and they’re sending me a new one, so we’ll see if maybe that makes a difference.

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I have the same issue and had tried virtually every troubleshooting i could of unsuccessful. I have used iPhone 6 and Android phone to set up video doorbell Pro still getting this message “we couldn’t connect to front door”. The ring is installed 18 feet from the wireless router even installed chime between the router still unsolved.

I have been using my front door camera fine for a couple of years and now suddenly I cannot get live view etc because it tells me my phone signal is weak and yet I have full connection on all other equipment. I have tried other phones still with the same result " phones signal is weak" ??? I’m lost

Yes tried other phones and all laptops, tablets etc give the same message

Yeah I can no Connect to my ring 2 Internet
My computer and every Is working