Ring Pro SUPER sensitive as of yesterday

I don’t know what is going on with this terrible device, but as of yesterday my doorbell sends me a motion notification every time somebody farts 2 miles away. But seriously, this thing has been triggering ALL DAY. I verified that my motion zones are correct, and I set the sensitivity all the way down. I have had this thing for years and it has always pretty much worked. Something changed yesterday or today. Did you guys push down a bad update?

I am tempted to rip this thing out of the wall and go buy an Arlo doorbell. Which by the way, is HomeKit compatible. You know, like how you guys promised 4-5 years ago and never delivered.

Ring Team - Thoughts???

I guess you guys are not interested in customer service?

Still waiting on a response from Ring…

Have you tried people only mode?

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Hi there, @_Mike! Checking motion settings is the best first step in optimizing detection. As mentioned by @bemak187, People Only Mode is a great way to fine tune alerts.

Please also try to redraw your motion zones and ensure none of them overlap, for accuracy. It’s always a good step to consider the environment as well, such as if windy weather is moving trees more, or a flag, or even a nearby street with vehicles passing. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: