Ring Pro suddenly stopped working

Up until Halloween, our 1 yr old Ring Pro was working just fine. Recording and the bell would work fine when pressed. Now, nothing. I tested the WiFi speeds (download 50.95, upload 71.35) and the app says it’s connected and everything should be good. The way the bell is wired we had to have someone install it because the initial doorbell wire broke off behind the frame but we had no problems with it until randomly the other night. Now nothing has recorded since about 6am 11/3. I hope that’s enough information for someone to assist. I will try to connect to another WiFi also.
Thanks I’m advance for any insight you may have.

My first gen stopped working yesterday after some research I found out that the complementary time ran out. No notice at all. I just reuped my plan and it started working right away. Sept the video is black and white now I haven’t figured that out yet