Ring Pro suddenly far more sensitive

Yesterday, our doorbell pro that we’ve had for about a year became far more sensitive. I have it set to the lowest motion capture, with a small zone aimed at people coming up our sidewalk to the house. Now, anyone who walks by on our side of the street or even the opposite side of the street produces a notification, which, if it continues, will make me ignore the notifications.

Does anyone know a reason why the sensitivity would change so radically in one day?


I am having this EXACT SAME ISSUE! I wish I had seen your post before I did a new one today.

Is yours detecting movement farther away and for much smaller objects than before? and with no changes made by you?

Thank you!


Add me to the list of those with this issue.


I removed my separate post and am going to piggy back on this one. Here is from my deleted post:

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Going off Constantly

Early this morning, my Ring Video Doorbell Pro starting going off constantly. I’ve made no chagnes to the sentitivty, but now it is picking up and reporting movement across the street. My Zone is the same as it has always been, and we’ve never had this happen.

Typically it will pick up people in front of our house on the sidewalk, cars that pull up, and those that ride close to the front of our house. Now, it is picking up every little movement across the street. (we have a very wide street) It has NOT done this before unless it is a huge vehicle, like a tow truck. So everytime someone walks on the side walk at the park, it goes off. AGain, it has NEVER done this before and I’ve made no changes prior to this increase sensitivity.

I have since gone in and made the zone smaller, and lowered the sensitivity, but it has made no difference.

Any ideas? was there a recent firmware update?

HELP! It is going off every few minutes, sometimes once a minute, which defeats the purpose of having the Ring to capture actual applicable events.

Thank you!


Yes–no changes and a dramatic increase in sensitivity to people walking twice as far away as would have been detected before.


This is Exactly what I’ve been experiencing since early this morning. I even made my zone smaller, but it doesn’t matter, it still is going off like crazy.

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We appreciate all of your feedback. Can everyone confirm if this still occurs when motion sensitivity is set to “People only”?

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This was my original setting when this issue cropped up. After I was bombarded with constant alerts, I changed it to the minimum amount (took off the People Only) and slide the bar down to the left all the way. This had NO CHANGE. So I put it back to People Only.

I also rebuilt the zone, and deleted the old one thinking some corruption or other possible thing being held in the zone. This also has made no difference.

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Mine is set to people only.

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Marley_Ring - Any Idea why this changed out of the blue and what can be done to resolve it?

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Thank you for confirming this information. In addition to checking for any updates available, I recommend also optimizing and reconfiguring all motion settings, including redrawing zones to take full advantage of your motion detection abilities. Let us know how it goes! :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried this.

It did not work.

According to the settings, mine has the latest update.


I also verfied the latest update was installed (When did this come out?) and also tried changing and adding a new zone, deleting old one.

This made no difference. The issue continues.


Hi neighbors! Motion truly depends on your specific environment and the field of view your device has. It takes time to find the best ones for you and your home. It took me at least 4 different settings and a wedge kit to find the perfect one for my home – trial and error :slight_smile: We’re here to help along the way, but if you require more one on one assistance please give our support team a call. Feel free to share your motion zones here as well :slight_smile:

Just FYI - I have had this doorbell for a year, and this is the first time it is behaving in this way.


I had the ring set perfectly–it only alerted us when someone came up our walkway or was in the driveway. It worked just like that for a year. Then, a few days ago with no changes on my part, it is radically more sensitive. It now picks up anyone about thirty yards further than before.

I appreciate that you want me to find the perfect settings; however, I had those. What changed?

I am getting about fifty notifications per day when I used to get none, one, or two.


I am in the exact same situation as the other two Ring users on this thread. Although I haven’t had mine a year yet, it was working amazing, and only sent alerts when someone walked on the sidewalk directly in front of the house, or up on my porch or in my driveway.

Now, it catches any type of movement from in the park across the street from my house. I CHANGED NOTHING between the time it worked perfectly, to the time it started going off every few minutes, or in some cases, every minute. This is especially true in the morning as people are getting up and taking walks in the park.

Please be sure to read the ENTIRE thread before suggesting things that have already been tried and also to better understand the situation. It seems we are getting “helpful hints” from someone just reading the title of the post, and not actually taking the time to read that all of us have posted about the situation.

Thank you.


Also, can you please answer the question if there was a recent software or firmware update. Nothing changes on my side, so it would see that since I have auto updates set, that it could have easily been a software or firmware update that was automatically installed by Ring.

I work for a company that does software and firmware updates, we all know that sometimes Updates that fix defects/bugs could introduce other issues.

Thank you


Thank you for this information, neighbors! Looks like there may have been some adjustments with our motion detection. Please let me know if it is okay to reach out to you on the email address associated with your Community account as the team would like to see some recent examples.