Ring Pro suddenly far more sensitive 2

I’m starting a new topic since the other thread on this was marked as resolved and the Ring moderator is no longer responding. If you read the other comments with the same subject (minus the 2), it’s obvious that this problem is not resolved. A lot of people are complaining about the Ring Pro becoming too sensitive after a code upgrade on or around Oct 16. I have reduced my motion zone to almost nothing and it continues to alert and wake me up if a cat happens to walk by. I’ve replaced my door bell after Ring sent me a new one at no cost, but the problem still exists. I hope Ring can acknowledge this problem. A lot of people who were previously product advocates have been disappointed. This door bell worked perfectly for almost 2 years and now it’s unusable for me. I can’t have motion alerts on or it will constantly go off.


I’m also experiencing issues with my ring motion detection which is now alerting me several times a day and there doesn’t appear to be legitimate reasons for it to be activated. I’ve adjusted the sensitivity, etc. but I’m still getting false notifications. It’s too sensitive and I’m guessing it is because of the recent update. I hope they fix this sooner than later.

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This was posted on another thread, although it was listed as solved for some reason. This issue clearly has not been solved:

My Ring Pro just started picking up people walking in the street too. It’s been working great for about 4-5 months, since getting it dialed in during the first week. All of a sudden it’s ultra sensitive. Nothing was changed on my end, so most likely a firmware update did this. Ring needs to take ownership of the issue and make the necessary changes so it works the way it used to. My fix is to change the zone to just pick up people’s feet, which I am not sure will alert me as it used to.

Call Ring Support and ask them what Firmware you have and the exact time they pushed it. From there you can go through your Event History and see if that was the cause.

I posted a separate thread … they pushed Firmware 2.1 on 2019-11-20 on my doorbell and immediately thereafter I started getting ridiculous amounts of Motion Alerts.

All - I got my issue resolved.

  1. Called and asked to speak to Level 2 support

  2. Asked them to revert their recent firmware update and put back on the old one

After doing so, my Ring Pro is behaving as it did before - not too sensitive and does not fire a “Motion Alert” when the wind blows a cloud in the horizon. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting your experience with level 2 support. I called yesterday and spoke with level 1 support, which was worthless. They tried the normal troubleshooting steps, which was a waste of time. I did ask them about rolling the firmware back, which they said they couldn’t do. If I have time I guess I’ll call them again.

Yesterday, level 2 support reverted my firmware and the motion issues went away also. However, early this morning the symptoms and false alerts returned. I noticed the firmware had been auto-updated to current, so the rollback was only temporary. About to call them for more assistance.

Support rolled back my firmware again, so symptoms should go away. The support rep (Matt) was very helpful/quick, and stated that this morning’s auto-update was because a new firmware version was released. It obviously didn’t address the sensitivity issue but when they do release another version (hopefully with a fix), then my doorbell will update again and not be stuck on the old firmware indefinitely.

It seems to have gotten better, but I’m still getting a dozen+ false notifications a day.

The problem is in the Ring App (at least on iOS), the Firmware version always reads “Up to Date”, regardless if you are on the latest or not.

So there is no way to tell.

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