Ring Pro Suddenly Died (Tales From a Disappointed Customer)

My Ring Pro died yesterday. Everything was working fine, but today I noticed that I stopped getting notifications. When someone rang the doorbell, I got the chime but everything was off. Tried to reconnect it since I thought it was a WiFi issue, but no luck. When I try to reset it by holding the right button for 30 seconds, it lights up with a pulsing white light, then it just goes blank. Tried multiple times and each time it only pulses white then it goes dark.

Trying to call Ring Support right now but I’ve been hold forever and can’t get a hold of anyone. This is my THIRD Ring device… First 2 were Ring Gen 2s that both were defective. And now this is defective too?? I’m calling it quits.

Just documenting/blogging about my experience.

Gave Support a call. Waited 50 minutes for the Advanced Technical Team to give me a call back. Miraculously an agent was available on the other end but the CSR missed the call… :roll_eyes:

Expecting a call back tomorrow 6am EST so I can get this issue resolved. A reminder for any Ring employees, this is my THIRD Ring device that is now defective.

Hi @alexz23. Thank you for sharing your feedback, that’s definitely not the experience we want you to have with our support team. If a replacement is what’s needed, then our support team will be the ones to help with that as the Community acts as a neighbor-to-neighbor forum rather than a line to support. Feel free to let us know how the next call with support goes, and what resolution they find for you. :slight_smile: