RING PRO Shutting off every 24 Hours

Good Day

Purchased a RING PRO

Installed Doorbell May 10th 2020

Checked his transformer prior to purchase – 16V 40A

Voltage is showing good in the app

Has a digital doorbell – Configured in the app

PRO KIT – Installed

ISSUE: Doorbell worked for 2 week no problem, in last couple days doorbell POWERS OFF by itself during the night. Only way to make it work again is to go to the chime disconnect and connect then it works for another 24 hours and then the same scenario happens.

I am seeing similar issue with my Pro too. I get good voltage ratings… 3900+mv and then the next morning I see “Poor” and then 3284mv. I have noticed that the “Poor” reading ALWAYS shows 3284mv, nothing ever different whereas the Good readings vary marginally!

Hi neighbors! Great call on checking transformer rating as this is the best first step. Knowing the transformer is sufficient, the next best things to check are wire gauge (not too thin/ long) and chime kit compatibility. Please ensure your Chime is on our Chime Kit compatibility list for the Ring Pro. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: