Ring Pro sensitivity setting NOT working

For a few weeks not my RING Pro has been annoying me to distraction with false alerts. Every time my cat or a neighbours cat walk past an alert is triggered. I have had my door bell installed for a couple of years now and it was set up and working fine until a new button appeared on the sensitivity slider. Now the sensitivity settings don’t work at all. I have the slider all the way to the left and it still allerts when a small cat goes past.

I posted on another thread where some completely uninformed RING person said it had been fixed, well I can tell you it has NOT been fixed so I have started another thread.

Please fix it quickly RING as I have had to turn my alerts off to keep my sanity.

I’m experiencing a similar issue that seems to have started withing the last few months. If I set sensitivty to “People Only” the Ring picks up nothing! If I set it to the next least sensiitver setting it picks up everything! Is anyopne at Ring aware of this issue?