Ring Pro reconnection issue

Ring Pro Doorbell went offline. Attempted reconnect no-luck. Went into setup mode and attempted to connect to offered RING wifi network. Indicated could not connect. Went into phone wife setting and attempted to connect to presented RING wifi network and would not connect with error Unable to join the network “Ring network name”.

Ring is setup for local network access.


Whenever the Ring setup process fails at the step of pairing the Ring app with your mobile device via the “Ring-Setup” network, it’s best to check mobile device and power variables. Low power can cause the Doorbell Pro to not have enough power for the broadcasted access point to succeed in connection. Allowing the Ring Pro up to an hour to power up before attempting a setup can help with this.

Here is our Help Center article for troubleshooting low power concerns.

I recommend also ensuring there is not a VPN enabled on your mobile device, and trying another mobile device entirely, if possible.

Not the issue. Standing next to the ring doorbell, I go into my Apple iPhone Wi-Fi setup and attempt to the now available Ring network. I get the error. No VPN usage on mobile. Also, I am using Iphone 13 if that matters, which it shouldn’t.

BTW: I have the floodlight cam and it is further away from the Wi-Fi source and it works fine.

I have the hardwired ring doorbell pro also.
I’m on my 4th replacement.
Each one lasted less than a year.
Each replacement they sent connected to Wi-Fi immediately but then failed again in less than a year.
My Wi-Fi router is 10 ft away.
The latest one is still working fine.
They know there’s an issue.
Call them and tell them you want a replacement.
The $100 plus yearly plan replaces them for free if there’s any problems with devices functioning properly.
Don’t forget to return old one or they will charge you for it