Ring Pro Power Kit

Our Ring Pro was installed years ago when the Ring Pro was a new product and worked normally until a few months ago. Live View currently works fine but the Ring App never connects when the doorbell button is pressed (as in our earlier post). WiFi connection has always been strong but we’ve tried every setting, channel, static IP address assignment in the router, etc. but without success.

We have the small circuitboard installed in our mechanical doorbell but now see in the Ring Pro Manual that there is a Pro Power Kit. Assuming a voltage issue from an older doorbell transformer, would the Pro Power Kit ensure sufficient voltage to the Ring Pro so it would again function as it used to? And if so, how do we obtain one?

Many thanks.

You can contact Ring community support and request a pro power kit for your Doorbell Pro. As for the issue with the answering the ring alerts, are there any recordings available for these events ? Try changing the Doorbell chime type to “none” from the general settings of your Doorbell Pro and save that setting. Then, ring your Doorbell and try to answer the notification to see if your Ring App can connect to the live stream.

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That worked, thank you. The doorbell responded in a couple seconds in the app on our iPhones. One down, one to go. Now to find how to contact Ring Community Support for the Ring Pro Power Kit!


I just spoke with Joseph at Community Support 800-656-1918 who offered to get the Ring Pro Power Kit to us in a few days.

eo1995, your advice could not be more appreciated. We can again answer the doorbell from our iPhones. You made my day. Thank you.

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Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the Power Pro Kit and after two additional tries with Ring CS to find a tracking number for the shipment we have nothing.