Ring Pro Power Kit not necessarily needed

I have Ring Pro 2, purchased specifically to use existing doorbell wiring and indoor mechanical chime. Instructions had me install the Ring Pro Power Kit onto the indoor chime. While the Ring video and outdoor chime worked, the indoor chime did not. Customer service was very helpful in troubleshooting. We learned with Ring Pro 2, on some chimes, the Pro Power Kit is not needed. Once I removed the Pro Power Kit the indoor mechanical chime worked with the Ring Pro 2 doorbell.

Kudos to the Ring Customer Service person, Jackie, who called me back when our phone call was disconnected.

Hi @guyho. I’m glad to hear our support team was able to help you get your Ring Pro 2 working well with your internal chime kit. In the majority of cases, the Pro Power Kit is required for the installation of the Doorbell Pro 2. There may be some cases, depending on the chime kit being used, where the Pro Power Kit would not be utilized. However, this should only be done if instructed by a member of our support team. :slight_smile:

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