Ring pro power and offline issues (UK)

Just fitted a ring pro doorbell to my house.

There was no doorbell previously fitted so I have taken the power supply from a 240v socket, up to a switched fuse spur (just so I can isolate the power to it if needed) then to the supplied transformer and on to the bell.

At first it lights up and connects to the Internet for a few minutes, but then it goes offline and the bell won’t light up or do anything.

We took it off the wall last night and plugged it in to the USB port on the side and it stayed powered on and connected to the Internet all night.

What could the issue be? Cheers for any help.

Hi @AndyM! The Doorbell Pro requires 16 to 24 VAC to operate as intended. As there are many variables in wiring, it is intended that a transformer rated for the previously mentioned output, or our Plug In Adapter be used. Please also ensure the wiring is not spliced or too thin, as this can cause resistance. If power is sufficient, your Doorbell Pro should speak during setup and the Doorbell should be able to setup, update, and operate without falling offline.

As the Doorbell Pro is only intended to operate on power supplied via wire connected to terminals, please do not use any USB methods for powering the Pro. We also recommend consulting with a licensed electrician if you are needing to install a new power supply. Feel free to let us know how the above goes! :slight_smile:

Hiya thanks for the help, I have since contacted customer support and it turns out the unit is faulty and is getting replaced.


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