Ring Pro not sending notifications iOS

Ring pro stopped sending notifications last night, It still is recording motion and It does alert if the doorbell has actually been rung. But no motion alerts at all. I have literally tried everything, hard reset on phone, ring and internet. All the notifications are “on” via the ring app and my phone. And still nothing. No sense in having the doorbell if It won’t alert me to when someone is walking on my porch.


Same exact issue. Started tonight, following for a solution.

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Hi there, neighbors! If button push or ring notifications are making it to your mobile device as intended, the motion notifications should do the same. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app is a great first step. Next, please check for any motion scheduling, motion snooze, motion alerts toggles, or Modes settings within the Ring app, as these features could be impacting your alerts. I recommend also checking your Ring app alert tones to ensure a sound is selected and volume is enabled for all alert types. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

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I’m having the exact same issue. The doorbell system works perfectly – the doorbell rings, and when motion is detected it is recorded – but no notifications about the motion are sent to my phone or iPad. I’ve checked and tested everything, no luck.

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I’m having the same problem. Had the system in place for 6 months, always worked but two weeks ago the motion detection stopped working. Doorbell works fine and records but motion not detected or recorded. Has there been a software update for Ring or iOS that has changed settings. Have gone through all Ring settings and all are set as per Ring instructions so no idea what to try next.

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Still not getting motion alerts from doorbell. Push button doorbell works and stick up cam in backyard sends motion alerts, but not motion alerts from doorbell. Have checked all settings on app, on phone, uninstalled and reinstalled app, cut power to doorbell and reset, no good.

Seems others are having the same issue. It’d be nice if ring would acknowledge the issues and inform us they’re at least working on a fix instead of suggesting the same solutions to people who are insisting that they do not work

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VERY similar issue for me. I have to floodlight cams & doorbell pro (all hard wired). All record motion - 2 of the 3 devices stopped sending SMS alerts about a week or more ago. Thought it was something I did but, it appears this is a known problem! Happy to learn that I am not alone here! Troubleshooting was driving me crazy!

A result! Spent 20 minutes on the phone to Ring Support yesterday afternoon, a very helpful lady called Yasmine talked me through things to try ranging from changing settings to a complete reset. Unfortunately nothing worked so she said she was going to pass the error onto senior support. Last night an update appeared which after installing corrected the problem, so it was known to Ring after all.

When we don’t change a single setting how is it our problem and not yours???

UPDATE: Mine are all working again!!! Discovered a new patch to IOS 14.3 on my iPhone. Ran the update & all is working again! Patch notes reference fixes for SMS text messaging issues. It would appear my issue was related to IOS and NOT RING devices/software.

Are you running IOS 14.3??? If not, try the upgrade … it worked for me!

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