Ring Pro night vision all darkness

So my Ring Pro (wired w/color on) night vision seems to have crapped out last night. Anyone run into this issue where the background is nothing but darkness?

We also had a thunderstorm with lightning last night and didn’t receive any motion alerts. Typically, even if car lights hit my zones I’ll be alerted. Is there a solution to this issue?

Screenshot from a couple nights ago, versus last night.

Hello @leanbarton1999, how long has your Pro been installed for before this occurred?

Hi, the 2 images do look odd as they are both lit by IR and also are using the ambient light. I would check if all three IR LEDS are lit… The second screen grab looks like it’s still in full colour (daytime). After lightning some people have found that a reset can help… no harm in giving it a go - press the button for 20+ seconds.