Ring Pro motion zones not working

I have a ring Pro and the motion zones don’t seem to be working. I live on a semi-major road but have the motion zones set to only cover my yard and driveway well away from the sidewalk let alone the street. But every passing car sets off the doorbell. At this point the thing is actually useless because it goes off every couple minutes. I keep scaling back the zones making them tinier and tinier and it doesn’t matter. I also have the sensitivity on the lowest setting. Is my product defective or am I missing something?

Hi @Soccastar001. Try sharing a screenshot of your Ring Pros’ view. This way, the Community can review the photo and offer some advice. This may be something that a Wedge or Corner kit can fix! Best of luck!

Well I’m already using a corner kit since my doorbell is located on the side of a door frame. Here is a screenshot:

Hey @Soccastar001. Great! Thank you for sharing the screenshot! From the looks of things, the window on the right side could be problematic. Windows and other glass surfaces have the ability to absorb heat from the sun and cool rapidly. This causes a shift in temperature on the surface of the glass. Our Doorbell has a Passive Infrared sensor that detects this shift in temperature and translates it into motion. I believe that this could be happening to your Doorbell and causing these excessive motions. The key to correcting this will be minimizing the amount of the glass in the Doorbells view. You may have to stack a few of the Corner kits to angle it a little more to the left. Best of luck!