Ring Pro Motion record without notification

Is there a way to set the Home mode so that motion triggers recording without a notification? When we’re working in the yard the notifications drive me nuts! I would still like to have the recording just in case though. The modes controls are woefully inadequate, or have I missed something?

Hi @electblu. The Modes settings allow you to choose how your Ring device should behave based on what mode it is in, but this does not apply to notifications. You can utilize the Motion Snooze feature to temporarily silence incoming notifications while still allowing your Ring device to record. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

That doesn’t really help, when the motion goes off my computer, my phone, my tablet and my watch all go off. I would need to go to each one and snooze it and only an hour max and then I would have to do it again. This seems like it may be a deal breaker…