Ring Pro Motion Activated by Walking Bird

I get a motion alert by a bird walking by my front door. I have the sensitivity set to people only and I adjusted the detection zone to a minimal area.
Why is this happening and how can I stop it?

I’ve tried the “people only” mode myself. It’s a sham and doesn’t do anything. I think it’s just the same as if you scroll the sensitivity all the way down. I tried it for a couple days and it triggerred at the smallest things, so I went back to the least sensitivity. I don’t think they have any special AI algorithm that can detect people. Their motion sensing is all based on pixel analysis. And “people only” mode does NOT detect only people.

But yet I get triggers from one spider web blowing in the wind at night in front of the camera. And I don’t get alerts from someone leaving a package on my porch or when I go outside to pick it up walking clearly through the motion zone!

Hi @nrevezzo. If you find that you’re receiving a large number of false motion alerts with the People Only Mode enabled, I’d suggest disabling it and monitoring your Doorbell after doing so. If you still have concerns after disabling People Only Mode, feel free to share a screenshot of your Motion Zones and I’d be happy to offer some suggestions! :slight_smile: