Ring Pro - mechanical chime ringing on it's own

I saw a few posts on this but the solutions seemed to be centered around digital chimes.

Got my Ring Doorbell Pro about 2 weeks ago and it occasionally rings randomly (chimes in the house w/o corresponding notification in the app) and makes an odd loud mechanical buzzing noise from the chime. Other than that it seems to work fine but the random ringing is annoying and the buzzing noise is disconcerting. Any suggestions?

Hi @cflavin. First, you’ll want to check to make sure the chime kit you have is compatible with the Doorbell Pro. You can check our compatibility list here to ensure it’s listed as compatible, as an incompatible chime kit will not work properly with the Doorbell Pro. Additionally, is the Pro Power Kit properly installed as well? You can reference this Help Center Article to make sure that the Pro Power Kit was properly installed, as it is required for the Doorbell Pro to function and if it is not installed, it could cause issues with the chime kit as well.