Ring pro losing connection within a few minutes

Hello, my parents had a Ring Pro installed by their electrician a few weeks ago but it keeps losing its connection to their Wi-fi. They also have two Ring cameras and both work fine.

Their internet is with BT from a smart hub. They spoke to one of your customer support colleagues who said the presence of a 5GHz network was the problem (which is ridiculous) so I switched this off (leaving only the 2.4GHz network). The problem remains though, it will connect initially and work fine but within minutes the connection is lost. Device Health reports good power and good signal strength for the few minutes it remains connected.

I have changed the channel twice and ensured it is between 1-11 as I noted this can be an issue in a forum elsewhere. They don’t have many devices and live in a rural village so not many nearby networks to cause issues.

Please help ASAP as it is a real issue to have them unable to hear their doorbell…

I’m having the bang same problems, keep getting WiFi problems every 20 secs or so, My WiFi is perfect for everything else I use in the house and it’s bang opposite the other side of the door where my Ring Doorbell is so couldn’t be any closer. Not sure whether I should send back and swap to another as other family members don’t have this problem and have worse WiFi than me. If you find a solution please share before I send back haha.

I spoke with Ring customer services again today who now blame the installation. There is no existing chime (the house is a new build) and the electrician installed the Ring transformer but not the chime bypass (understandable as there is no chime to bypass…they will use only a Ring chime and their phones) but this is critical apparently as it stops too much power going to the doorbell itself.

The bypass will be installed tomorrow and will hopefully fix the issues.

I’m getting frustrated with ring door video cam. It has connectivity problems viewing alerts from my iPhone more often. The door home works perfectly and health status is good. It alerts properly. My connection is good with my WiFi directly on the inside of the door. I’ve also moved it to various locations with same result.
It all started when the ione software on the ring app was updated.
I’m almost ready to de install all my ring products and switch to another company if I can’t resolve this.

Re: Ring pro losing connection within a few minutes


did the bypass solved the issue?

I have an identical issue and I’m looking for a solution. No bypass was installed since it has to be used only via the phone…

Thanks for replying.