Ring Pro Live View Not Working - My Solution

This worked for me. I hope it works for you.
How to fix live view not working
First make sure you know your Ring account email and password for future use.

On your phone settings

Go to the Apps

Find the Ring app

Open App Info

Open Storage

At the bottom,

Click on:

Clear data

Clear cache

Close phone settings

Open your Ring app

Log in again.

Live view will be working

Hi @RingPro5000. Thank you for sharing a solution that worked for you! We also have some troubleshooting steps for Live View here that may help other neighbors with a similar concern. :slight_smile:

The reason I posted my solution is because I had already tried all the solutions that Ring suggests.
I reconnected my wifi many times, I rebooted the Ring doorbell three times. I turned off my router, reset it, and powered it on again. I went through pages of Ring troubleshooting hints. None of them worked.
I was at the point of trashing the Ring Pro doorbell and buying the Wyze doorbell. I gave it one last try and cleared the cache and data from my Ring app on my phone. My solution worked.

I took out all cables of the router. Waited 30s and plugged back in. Since then live view worked again.

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This is really good to know. I’ll give that a try.
I found recently that unplugging my router, waiting, and replugging it did the trick. I guess I hadn’t waited long enough the last time.

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