Ring Pro lens cover crazing

The plastic cover on my 4 year old Ring Pro door bell has started getting fine cracks from weathering. It it totally useless at night but better during the day. What recourse do I have, if any, and am I going to have to get another unit.

If I have to get another unit you can bet it won’t be a ring as they are way to expensive to be having to be replaced every few years.

As it is well out of warranty you might be able to get a discount for a new one. Not knowing if the doorbell is getting full sun for long periods of time like in the picture, but for any future video doorbell you might consider something over the top of it to keep it shaded more.
Support is your only recourse as no one in these forums has access to your account info.
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It does get a few hours of morning sun. What is, somewhat, baffling to me is that the bottom plastic, over the IR, is almost perfect still, as seen in the above photo. Are they made out of different material? They’ve both had the same time in the same sun.

One thought occurred. Has anyone tried prying of the piece of plastic and cutting, or getting cut, a piece of glass to put over the lens. I may give this a try and see what happens. If it works I’ll let everyone know.